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Round fourteen: Manny Pacquiao vs Erik Morales Mailbag!

Kimo Morrison - 3/8/2005

Hardcore Boxing goes into Exta rounds to answer all the questions. Welcome to Round fourteen of the Manny Pacquiao vs Erik Morales Mailbag.

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Red: Erik Morales is figured to be at a disadvantage come the match with Manny Pacquiao. EM would have to use more of his jabs and legwork to pick up his chances. He has to become more scientific and not just be brawling...something he is not so accustomed to. Having a greater chin will not win the fight for EM. He needs to do something astounding, hit and run dictation as he has the advantage in reach and height. Manny Pacquiao on the other hand is an excellent brawler. I have seen most of his starter fights in his career and he has been reputated to sacrifice being hit just to land that left bomb. MP may not have that great a chin as EM but he can take something big and stand up to exchange. However, as he has boxing skills have grown, his fight over MAB and even JMM had him thinking as a fighter that brawls do not win fights. MP needs to be unpredictable and by that means using more lateral movement and a power right to assure his chances of winning.

I score the fight to be even come fight night should EM and MP ascend as excellent boxers and not brawlers. More than the heart to brawl, it takes the greater mind to have the edge between MP and EM.

Kimo Morrison:

Pac knows that he must take the fight to Erik and that is exactly what he is training to do. He may not do so in a one dimensional left bombing barrage but with combos up and down stairs to keep Erik backing up and not knowing what will be coming next, expect nothing less from Pac. Erik on the other hand if he runs will be ran down in a tiresome marathon backwards while taking punishment. Erik must use his size in a manner not often used by him and that is to smother Pac and attack in close. Get dirty even, trying to get Pac to lose thought and just start wildly throwing in retaliation. He MUST do this to win, it is the only way. Stay closer to him than sweat, don't let him breath and throw everything in the book INCLUDING the kitchen sink.

Ken Nakamoto: Kimo,

My prediction that one of these two great fighters will knock each other out within three rounds are based on the following: 1) Both posess a power punch and naturally the early rounds draw much and fresher power punches from each of them, 2) Morales will slug it out with Pacquiao from the first round as he promised, 3) History has it that most knock out wins by heavy punchers in the past occurred within 3 rounds, i,e Rocky Marciano, Joey Louis, George Foreman, Mike Tyson and many others. My hunch is, if there will be a knock out, be it in three rounds or otherwise, Manny wins. If by decision, Eric wins. The bottom line equations run this way: heavier puncher = knock out; more skill & experience = decision.


Kimo Morrison:

Yes, I can see the geometry in that, but the missing factor in your equation is -will to survive-, and this is a factor that screws up the math all the time.

allantoot: kimo who's your bet. pls. answer be honest!!!

Kimo Morrison:


ELMER: Pac-man has fought may warriors like morales, he's undoubtfully has the true power,EM has not fight anyone like him yet,Manny either breaks his opponents down few times or knock outs them in a single punch.If morales is really tough enough he'll be able to stay longer.What do you think?

Kimo Morrison:

Pac has never fought anybody like Morales...you ever hear the ol term..."let sleeping dogs lie"? This is one ol dog, that is sometimes better left alone as when he is awakened he my come uncorked and kill everybody around him. Problem with this is Pac is getting paid to jump that fence and kick that ol junk yard beast so he must, when he does, I hope that he kicks him good and keeps him down cause if there's any fight left in him, he may die to kill.

VONN: if you are in pacquiao's shoes come fight night, what will you do to win against morales and vice versa?

Kimo Morrison:

Pac...Attack Erik...Smother him like a stepchild!

Lee: I believe that Erik is a very good figher as shown in his records. In fact he is a great boxing warrior who made his name in the boxing world, he already fought many first class fighters and proved that he can beat anyone in their level. Unlike Erik, here comes a young fighter who stunned the world by eliminating Marco in their fight last year, then made Marquez down 3 times. I know that beating this two great fighters is not enough to say that he can also beat Erik Morales, and in fact this will be the first time that Manny will fight in this level. But, I think that the message to mexican fighters is clear. Manny is young and still has a lot of rooms for improvement. What we are seeing is not yet his best form, which means there's a lot more to come. This also means Manny will be staying as an elite fighter in the boxing world for a long time and thats what made us Filipinos proud of. By the way, who else do you think is the potential opponent of Manny in the future?

Kimo Morrison:

MAB is not out of the picture yet folks and a Casamayor would make for a great bout, as well would a couple of fire balls in 135 if they could make weight but that is all for the future as boxers these days move up and down like an elevator.

Atreyu: I read previous discussion about fighters coming in heavier than the required weight. The issue here is the time gap between official weigh in and fight date. Is there a defined procedure here? Why not make the official weigh in on the fight date itself. What's your thoughts on this?

Kimo Morrison:

This used to be the case and has changed due to fighters not being hydrated enough to fight efficiently from making weight. It is really a time to get hydrated as a lot is water weight, but they are looking at certain tests just previous to fights with a shorter weigh in gap making fighters come in to fights at closer to their natural weight. The test would run on percentage of hydration and if you are not at the required level, you are not allowed to fight. I think it is why we need a national commission.

Marc Ackermann: I've always been a big fan of Erik Morales. He's one of the best fighters out there and that's a fact. Come March 19, there's no denying that the Pac Man will KO Morales. Too bad for my idol but great for boxing! A new Tyson has arrived.

Kimo Morrison:

Hope for your sake in being so sure if you layed money on this that Erik's last name isn't really Douglas.

Mike g: Definitely, pacman has the power, speed and the confidence to rip off EM. EM is quite slow and his movements is very predictable unlike pacman. Pacman's style, power, and good attitude (NO FEAR) is undoubtedly, the best ever in boxing history.

Kimo Morrison:

Erik is far from predictable, and I have seen fighters with just as much (NO FEAR) attitude, they just may not always win!

sonic: Good day! i was an avid fan of manny "the destroyer" pacquiao not because he is my kababayan. its because that he prove that he can box, fight and go to anyone who would like to fight him! my question is, what in your own observation, who will this fight? are they going for a war, or they go for their own tactics, it seems it is the second coming of ali vs frazier...

thnks for posting my question...

for all the fight fans of PAC and EM, gd bless us all!

more power to Hard Core Boxing.net!!!

Kimo Morrison:

Ali Frasier is a perfect analagy for this fight, but which one will it be?

Jobert: Being a Filipino and an avid PACMAN fan made me chose him as the eventual winner via a late round stoppage... But this doesn't stop me admiring EL TERRIBLE being one of the best boxers Mexico ever produced... Whatever the outcome, nobody will end up a loser... Both will earn our respect and admiration for showing the world the very true meaning of boxing - fight the best and give your best...

Kimo Morrison:

Well said...Both are winners

Eddi Mils: How could counter your opponent's speed when your fight reaches 12 rounds

Kimo Morrison:

Don't let him punch...tie up, hold and hit, rabbit punch, tap to the groin, step on his feet and take his mind off of punching and cause him to think about foot placement...too much...

clarence: Manny says that his power comes from God, where do you think he generates all that power? Some says its from the legs, And finally do you think Morales can withstand the Pacquiao Punch?

Kimo Morrison:

I think it is also from his legs, but not just the size of them which does help but the way that he plants them while moving forward long enough to follow through with each punch and with that follow through set his feet for another punch immediately. He is less potent when standing and trading without being able to get that "crow hop". Can he take it? Yes...will he? depends on how bad he wants to win.

ronan: one thing about pac is, he is fearless and has a big heart in the ring, backing down is not an option no matter what, remember agapito sanchez? dirty fighter, but pac never backs down. what do you think?

Kimo Morrison:

Well there is dirty and there is DIRTY! dirty dirty is out of frustration and trying to get back at another fighter. DIRTY is using tactics to force your opponent to fight your fight. Taking them out of their game plan at all cost. Risking point deduction to gain control of the other fighters mind. Once you have him fighting out of anger and retaliation, the door swings wide open for counter attack by a balanced mind that was in control from the beginning. It's all part of the game so if he can he should use it.

Ed: I've been an avid fan of both boxers for so long a time. I can see a street brawl in here. Well, based on their recent fights, I can see Erik battered and stumbled and knocked down, but never knocked out.The same way I see of Pacman, battered, took cover of the ref and knocked down...but never knocked out too. Both will make it to the twelth but I see Manny winning....Peace

Kimo Morrison:

That's what I am hoping for!

Peter Tabungar: I'm sure Manny will win against Erik and any other Featherweight Goliath. Do you think Manny will fix his game with mafia as he said "BOXING IS BUSINESS"?

Kimo Morrison:

Not if he is smart.

ted igcaster: I cant wait to se this match. pacman is starting to demolish his sparringmates until no one left. on march 19, for how long will el terible resists the murderous left of pacman. in case that morales loss this fight, is it about time to hang up his gloves?

Kimo Morrison:

It is time to hang em up when he decides too...I think he has a few good fights in him, but it is him that has to live with the punishment not I.

Pacquito Pacquialamero: Pacquiao will not let Morales land his jabs and certainly will not let Morales land a solid punch on his chin. Pacquiao will be more careful on this fight like what he did against the KO artist, Marquez! So I thik Pac will win by KO because those hard punches will be easy to land on Morales 'cause Morales is hittable.

Kimo Morrison:

I think so as well....

owen santos: Erik has a great chin, I think Manny should work on the body! He can knock-out erik on the body and he will not have enough time to recover. Remember, how Gatti won over Dorin and Hopkins on Dela Hoya.

Kimo Morrison:

I think it is a MUST that Pac work the body to KO Morales.

Arnie: I think morales is already an old champion at 28. years of hard training and fighting has take its toll in his body just like Roy Jones. I suggest he stop boxing before being humiliated and try hollywood acting he will be a good action star.

Kimo Morrison:

I don't know about Hollywood, but yes he has fought long and hard, but if he were to change his game a bit, he could rejuvinate his career as Gatti has.

JunPals: I'm a fan of both fighters whose styles put the audience in frenzy. In Eric's last epic battle with MAB, it was reported that he was distracted by a woman. Similarly, when MAB lost to PacMan, he was distracted by the fire that hit his training gymn as well as brain issues raised on him. On the other hand, PacMan blamed foot blisters and hand injury causing him not to finish off Marquez. In this EM-PacMan fight, I expect the loser to put a blame on something for his demise. Do you think, EM would say he missed his father in training? Or could it be PacMan telling another injury slows him down?

Kimo Morrison:

It will be whatever excuse comes too mind when the cameras are on them as I am sure they will be a dime a dozen.

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