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August 2006 (Photo Credits - HBO)

floydmayweather (4K) 1. Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. has become untouchable and he is undeniably ahead of the field in terms of boxing skill. If this pound for pound list was for blood, sweat, and tears then Mayweather would not crack the top ten.

mannypacquiao (4K) 2. MANNY PACQUIAO
One of the most exciting boxers of today. MANNY PACQUIAO defines was a prize fighter should be. PACQUIAO is always in shape, listens to his trianer, and always is willing fight anyone at any time. Dubbed the "Mexican Killer" for taking out the great Mexican Champions of recent times.

jermaintaylor (3K) 3. JERMAIN TAYLOR
JERMAIN TAYLOR is legit. He beat a legendary Hopkins and arguably should have won his draw against Winky Wright. Arkansas's only professional sports franchise is a young 27 years old.

RafaelMarquez (4K) 4. Rafael Marquez
The lesser known but better half of the Marquez brothers. Rafael continues to do what he does best, which is annihilating opponents in the ring. Marquez has not lost since November of 2000. Marquez posses a rare combination of skill and power.

winkywright (5K) 5. Ronald "Winky" Wright
Ronald "Winky" Wright is an excellent professional prize fighter. Although Wright is not always a crowd pleaser he is very consistent in what he does. Wright has become one of today's best champions.

castilloJose (3K) 6. JOSE LUIS CASTILLO
This man is at the center of some weight controversies but it doesn not and should not effect his place on the top ten list. CASTILLO is the only man that can arguably say he beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. CASTILLO needs to help himself now and stay up in weight. If Corrales really wants to fight him then I'm sure Corrales nearly six foot frame can support a little extra meat on it's bones.

This man proven his worthiness by continually winning. CALZAGHE destroyed American Darling and pound for pound hopeful, Jeff Lacy. The only knock on a man that has not lost is that it is time to take his show on the road.

corrales_diego (3K) 8. DIEGO CORRALES
A remarkable story. As a young man he nearly destroyed his life but through love and dedication for the sport of Boxing he has risen from the ashes to become a very likeable and respectful human being. He is one of Boxing's best stoires and true ambassador of the sport.

JorgeTraviesoArce (3K) 9. Jorge Arce
Arce is a fun man to watch and he has quickly become a fan favorite because of his style. Despite his Flamboyant style in and out of the ring no one in his weight division can touch him. Arce employs a very difficult boxing style to go along with his explosive power.

Cotto (3K) 10. Miguel Cotto
Cotto is all about business in the ring and although he is not quite the superstar that his countryman Felix Trinidad was Cotto's style will lend him to be around longer.

Knocking on the door and in no particular order: Marco Antonio Barrera, Jose Antonio Rivera, RICKY HATTON, Oscar De La Hoya, SHANE MOSLEY, Rocky Juarez, Juan Diaz, Ivan Calderon, and ANTONIO MARGARITO.

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