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Round by Round: Pacquiao Vs Morales

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Mike Alvarado defeats Hilario Lopez by Unanimous Decision
Albert Sosnowski defeats Travis Fulton by TKO Round 2
Z Gorres defeats Glenn Donaire by TKO Round 1
Martin Castillo defeats Eric Morel by Unanimous Decision (119-109 X's 3)
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. defeats Ryan Maraldo by TKO 3
Jorge Arce defeats Hussein Hussein by TKO 10 (Great Fight!!!)
Mainevent (Pacquiao Vs Morales) is Next. Stayed tuned!!

Pacquiao Vs Morales

Round One:

Walk outs..Pac comes out first (Crowd goes wild)
Out comes Morales (Crowd goes wild again)
Pac comes out clam, not rushing Morales. Morales boxing, using the ring. Morales lands right. Pac to the body. Pac stuns Morales but back comes Morales. Pac works the body.
Wow. What a first round. Both men land great shots. Both men take it well.

Round 1 to PAC

Round Two:

Morales comes out boxing better. Morales lands good body work. Morales using his size and pushing Pac back. Pac landing shots but nothing hurting Morales at this point.

Round two to Morales.

Round Three:

Morales come out and boxes an excellent round. Pac was limited to one shot at a time. Morales punches picking up steam, stunning Pac at times. Great round for Morales.

Morales round three

Round Four:

Morales controls action. Manny looking to land big shot. Morales pushing Pac around. Morales using his size. Morales is clearly the bigger man and is using his size. Pac hanging in but Morales is getting the better of the exchanges.

Round to Morales

Round Five:

Morales landing great shots. PAC BLEEDING!! Morales landing much harder shots this round!! Cut Ruling by Ref, caused by punch!! Morales pummels pac at the end of the round on ropes!! Huge round for Morales!!

Round to Morales

Round Six:

Manny desperate, Going for KO. Pac trying and trying to track Morales down. Pac landing shots but Morales is not going any where. Morales batters him back at the end of the round.

Round to PAC

Round Seven:

Both men put in good work. Morales taking over the fight. Body work from Morales..Pac briefly Stuns Morales..Pac now getting hurt. Pac Doubles over from Morales body shot..Big round for Morales.

Round to Morales

Round Eight:

Morales's shorts are stained with the blood of PAC. Morales battering PAC all over ring. Don't know what is keeping PAC up. The man (Pac) has some heart. PAC picks up the pace and has decent round but Morales controlled the action..

Round to Morales

Round Nine:

Pac having a good round. Pac is showing some heart!! They trade back and forth. Pac getting the better of Morales right now..Great round for Pac!!

Round to PAC

Round Ten:

6 round to 3 in favor of Morales...
THEY TRADE BIG!! Both men hurt. PAC losses his mouth piece. They trade some more.. Morales hurting PAC. Pac showing heart!! They battle back and forth. What a WAR!! Both men sticking to their guns.

Round to Morales

Round Eleven:

7 rounds to in favor of Morales..Pac needs a KO on HardCoreBoxing score card
Morales puts on boxing lesson. Pac's eye is bleeding and swollen. Pac is trying..the man has heart. Morales is just too big and strong. Morales might get Pac out soon!!

Round to Morales

Round 12:

8 rounds to 3 in favor of Morales. Pac Man needs a KO to win.
They brawl for the entire round. Moalres has the fight won but he isn't backing down!! What a Warrior!! Pac showing guts and trying for the KO!! They Brawl to the End. Great Fight!!

Round to PAC

Fight goes to Morales on HardCoreBoxing Score Card... 8 round to 4 rounds (116-112) ..

Official score reads..

115-113 (7-5)...Three times...for MORALES!!! Morales wins Unanimous Decision.

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