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A Day of Infamy at the Golden Boy Production

Marcelo "Mortz" Ortigoza - 3/23/2007

The Marco Antonio Barrera vs. Juan Manuel Marquez, the Daniel Ponce de Leon vs. Gerry Penalosa, and the Demetrius Hopkins vs. Steve Forbes were all hell of a fight.

However, the last two fights would forever cast aspersion to the credibility of Oscar de la Hoya s Golden Boy Production (GBP).

It s the production that promoted the said fights.

Those two fights were tainted with fraud.

Except to the three judges of each of these tussles, everybody --including my dog Black Eye-- believed that Forbes and Penalosa had not only taught boxing lesson, but taught their opponents how to be spoon fed with leathers.

When Hopkins won, I instantly saw the shadow of Bernard the Executioner Hopkins laughing maliciously.

Earlier in the fight, he was palpably seen strut his stuff in and out of the ring. Bernard to the uninitiated is a major partner of Oscar dela Hoya in GBP. The rationale of his recruitment after he decked Oscar in their marquee encounter years ago, the former would put under his auspices boxers located at the East

Side s of the country.

While the latter, would put under his tutelage those in the West Side s.

Were the hands of Bernard had bloods on the said lopsided judges decision?

If this was true, this is bad for GBP big boss Oscar who was deep in training at some boondocks somewhere in Puerto Rico.

I nearly threw up when Penalosa lost, I was confused if I was going to commit hara-kiri or run amuck with out my pants because of virtual disbelief.

Jezzz, in my entire life as a boxing kibitzer, Gerry s prowess there was the best I ve ever seen.

He was like an Askal (Stray dog in the Philippines) pitted to a crossbreed Pit bull and a bull made possible in some ranchos in Mexico.

But the Askal got the best defense, offense, scrotum, er, balls, and genius.

To quote that trite: It s not the dog in the fight, but it s the fight in the dog.

It s like watching the chutzpah of a Roy Jones, Sugar Leonard, and Muhammad Ali.

The hand of stone and awkward Ponce de Leon looked idiotic because he couldn t land a clean punch. While Gerry s weaved and slid beautifully, executed his offense artfully, and absorbed his opponents counter punches instinctively.

It was all too smooth baby, until that SOB swindling ensued.

Because of that day light large scale estafa, what awaits GBP on its venture to promote the Oscar de la Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather, Jr s mother of all boxing fights on May 5, 2007?

What will happen to the versatile Floyd Jr. if he could outbox Oscar from the first to the last canto but couldn t knock him out?

Would it be déjà vu to the fate of Forbes and Penalosa?

If all the answers are in the affirmative, then it s a day of infamy for the boxing industry.

Oh man, I could just only mumbles: Wither, GBP, wither.

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