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Post fight Pacquiao Vs Morales Mailbag
By Isaac Barrio - 3/20/2005

Revisit the Action. Round by Round: Pacquiao Vs Morales



Isaac Barrio:

Morales didn't prove me wrong. The fight went down the way I thought it would (I picked Morales to win by 11th round TKO). Morales proved Two things. Styles make fights and that he is a great warrior who can box. Great Performance by Morales. Give Pacquiao credit as he did not quit.


The fight is not fair!!!....Morales troops cheated!!!...Manny suppose to win!!!>....

Isaac Barrio:

Why is the fight not fair? If you have been a loyal reader of this bag then you have read me saying many times that Morales could win the fight in this fashion. No big surprise. The fight was close but Morales was just bigger and stronger. Maybe we can get a rematch? I would like to see one!!

Dondon P. aka JuicY-J:

Wuddup Playboi ?! dis be yo pimp playa juicy-j reppin manila philippines up in dis b-tch............

f-ck dem hoes(morales camp) mane !!! EM's punches didn't even affect pacman but da head-butt sure did........

f-ck dat sh-t anyway.......... fuck da gloves, f-ck da blood test 2 days befo da fight, f-ck manila ice sh-t !!

Isaac Barrio:

Take a deep breath and calm down. We just witnessed a classic battle. No shame should be had in Pacquiao's camp. Morales was simply the better man tonight. No need to blame on stuff you cannot control. Blood test are mandatory and Morales took them as well. As Roy Jones said, when you hit as hard as these guys do then type of gloves don't matter. Stick by your man. Pacquiao shall return!!


Why was the belt not on the line? don't you think its just a setup to generate income? If I was warrior who is confident why not include the belt?

Isaac Barrio:

It is a common pracitce for ALL of the fighters belts NOT to be on the line. When Hopkins fought Eastman last month not all of his belts were up for grabs. This fight was far from a fix. They generated enough income with this bout. The best man simply won. No crying in boxing.

Reuben Lowing:

I thought Pacquiao was going to catch Morales early. I though Morales prime would get the best of him causing him to stand in their early and get caught by the Pacman's power. I was pleasently surprised to see him get at the end of his jab and box.

Pacman show it's more about his power and speed than his skill. His feet were a mess and he kept bringing his left foot forwaqrd with his left hand making him look like a street fighter.

I only gave Pacquiao three rounds and I was expecting him to beat Morales before the fight started.

Isaac Barrio:

Your not alone. A lot of people thought Morales didn't have enough to derail the PacMan Express. The fight pretty much went down the way I expected. Manny was all over the place with his footwork. If you read my last mailbag you will see that I mentioned Manny's footwork. When Manny fell off balance Morales was right there with his attack. It was a carefully planned night for Morales.


He has powerful looks, is he still single? :-)

Isaac Barrio:

LOL..I don't know. If he isn't married I'm sure he has lots of girlfriends.


What was the deal with Manny's promoter signing the deal that Manny not wear the Cleto gloves he's accustomed to wearing and what exactly is the difference between the two types of gloves?

Isaac Barrio:

I agree with Roy Jones Jr., type of Gloves make no difference. The weight of the two gloves are the same. It is more of a mental issue. Like basketball shoes, if you like Nike then you like Nike..but Nike isn't the reason why your winning..Don't buy the hype or excuse. Morales was the better man last night.

Tonton Flores:

hi i am a filipino and a big fan of manny pacqiao.. i've already watched the fight and its a great sadness for me that manny lose the fight. but inspite of that, i've noticed that, even though manny was there, his game was not.. many of us thought that manny decides to lose the fight.. what can you say about this?? is there any reason??

Isaac barrio:

What is boils down to is that Morales was the better man. If you are looking for blame then it lies with Manny himself. Manny allowed changes in his camp and it turned into chaos. Trust me when I say, it isn't the gloves and the fight wasn't fixed.

fuck pac:

to all those fuckers who thought pacqiao was gonna win, u just saw how things are done. morales just showed that ugly philipino how to fight. chinguen a sus putas madres y arriba la raza,, pendejos

fuck u kimo morrison

Isaac Barrio:

Hey..Hey. Calm your ass down. Kimo is my friend so Fuck you. Morales fougth a great fight last night..no need to get out of hand about it.

elizalde nollan:

many stil our champion.......

Isaac Barrio:

As he should be. No shame in last nights fight. Manny showed he is a warrior.


I think the judges were'nt fair, Moralez did a headbutt and they should deduct a highpoit from that. Unfair

Isaac Barrio:

The cut was ruled to be caused by a punch. The fight was full of action and it is hard to tell in real time what caused the cut. The cut wasn't the reason Manny lost...it was the man in front of him who employed a perfect plan. Morales did his homework on Manny and it paid off.

eric morales:

I just proved that pacman is my bitch. How could so many people believe that a one dimensional fighter could beat me. I hope he wants a rematch so that I can beat his fucking as again. :)

Isaac Barrio:

Ha..Ha...You wish. Manny must have thumped your head good, because it is spelled ERIK not eric.

Parting Shots by Isaac Barrio:

Consider our self's fortunate. We witnessed an all time great bout between two willing and able warriors. In the boxing world of today it is unheard of for two fighters of this caliber to buck the system and fight each other. Both are winners in my book.

Burning Bridges: Edwin Valero needs to keep his mouth shut. If he keeps selling out sparring partners like this he wont have any work. Lets hope Gary Randall and crew pony up some green and buy our boy Valero a Metro Link Pass..I have said it before and I will say it again. Sparring is sparring, when it comes to the real thing Valero won't stand a chance in the ring with either Pac or Morales. The boys over at MaxBoxing should know this..

Until next time..Peace..Love and all that Shit!!

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