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The Hardest Hitting and Best Damn Mailbag in Boxing

Isaac Barrio - 5/24/2005

The move is complete and the hardest hitting bag in boxing has returned. This week we tackle questions regarding Andrew Golota, Felix Trinidad, Manny Pacquiao, and Diego Corrales.

El Cholo

What happened to Tito's big heart he always claims to have? And Why if his father retires, he follows? Felix "papa" Trinidad needs to teach his son how to take a loss and learn from it and not run crying like little babys. "Sorry loosers" are what both are just like countryman Cintron's corner is. If I was Tito, I would stop the B.S. and get my behind down to 147 where the big money is and even more will be when Tszyu hops and the golden kiddo join it. What I think Tito tried to do was to be remembered as a great MIDDLEWEIGHT, sorry that ones belongs to Hopkins. Titos frame is to thin for the 160. Or he needs to put some real weight on, not that fat that sticks out from his waist and those saggy weak biceps?....please! and wheres the sixpack? Even my sixpack is bigger than his and I'm in the 140. Tito needs to show more professionalism, dump his father along to with his one-dimensional style, hire some real teachers, learn from his losses, lose that fat, get his corazon back and get back in it. My question is If Felix Trinidad meets Kostya Tszyu at 147, how do you see them matching up?

Isaac Barrio

What up Cholo. I agree! Papa Tito needs to go. I understand being loyal to the old man but when push comes to shove and it is your ass that is getting handed to you in the ring…then the hard decision must be made.

I think Tito was in shape for the Winky Wright bout. Tito was never one to come in cut up and roided out Ala Fernando Vargas. The answer to why Tito got his ass handed to him by Winky is simple, Tito had no answer for the jab. It seemed like the Trinidad game plan was to come in and blow Winky away…Wasn't that the same failed plan they had for Hopkins? I do think that 160lbs is not the weight for Felix.

As for returning to 147lbs…No! Felix had trouble making that weight before the layoff, so a return to that weight class is out of the question. I think Kostya would put Tito on his ass but in the end Tito would win because he is the bigger man.

CripZTAh + O.P.G?

Yeah, I know Morales is a great boxer, but there's probably advantage for Erik. For what Manny lost a blood before their fighting only a 1 day left, also that Manny suffer a bad luck head butt on the 5th round, I guess. I think it the referee should announce it head butt not cause by a punch so; he can deduct a point for Morales. Anyway, the Filipino boxer, Manny P. did a great job, after He suffered the head butt, that effect of loosing more blood, on the 5th & 6th round he still fought until through the great rounds of the boxing fight. And I hope next should be a fair & clean fight, with no excuses for the gloves also the head butt, to be watch carefully. So, we hope that there's a rematch for the 2 great featherweight boxers.

Isaac Barrio

Trust me!! The loss of any blood prior to the bout had ZERO effect on Manny Pacquiao. The cut caused by the Headbutt was far from being the cause of the loss. Erik Morales was better man that night...plain and simple. I hope and think we will see a rematch. I also think that Morales better steer clear of Diego Corrales…for obvious reason

Kevin l griffen

I just want to know will Lamon get his do respect. I am Lamon's First cousin. He is 31 and I am 30, So I've watched him fight all of his life. And if people will go back and look at tape, he has been fighting like this for a long time. He did not even make sports centers top ten plays. What's up with that?

Isaac Barrio

I think Lamon is about to get his respect as long as he can stay active and in shape. The spoils of being king of the boxing world are within his grasp. I'm surprised that ESPN did not show highlights of the total annihilation of Andrew Golota. Now can we get Lamon to do the same to John Ruiz….PLEASE!!


His last fight with Ruiz should have been his last fight. He has not stood up to a single comment he has made and disappointed the whole polish community. When at the Boxing Match I could not believe what he has become. I am very disappointed and all of the Polish communities that believed in him, and paid money to see him, are also disappointed. He did not even lift a finger at Brewster it was his worst fight as well as his greatest downfall.

Isaac Barrio

When a fighter is done he is done and it appears that Golota is done...stick a fork in him. I'm sorry that he embarrassed the Polish community and I feel equally sorry for anyone that paid to see his last fight. However, lets give credit to Lamon, he didn't give Golota a chance to get any return fire off.

Bob Down

Response to Ken Nakamoto

Ken, how could any self-respecting boxing fan, take your comments on the Pacquiao V Morales seriously with such a uninformed comment on Tyson's skill drawn as a parallel. Tyson's mastery of the "Peek-A-Boo" style not only requires extra-ordinary discipline & fitness as an athlete but also intelligence in the ring to apply - considering he was often outweighed by his opponents. Doesn't all this add up to skill? And the comment on brute strength: theoretically that would mean some power lifter with a good chin could come in, get some coaching and win a heavyweight title??? Also experience has nothing to do with results and therefore over-rated - he didn't need to acquire the experience BECAUSE of his superior skills! Ken, I'm wondering if you were in fact the target of one of Tyson's infamous outbursts in a recent (over the last few years) press conference that went something like this: "I'm gonna fuck you till you love me you faggot!" - and that's why you have used such obvious bullshit in your response.

Bob Down.

Isaac Barrio

Wow! What a response. I agree that Tyson was a rare combination of speed and power. Personal issues kept him from being the greatest Heavyweight of All Time…he had the skill. We may never see another heavyweight like Tyson again…that is the final reality of all the madness.

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